Moving In

Hi All,

This is my first post for our house blog.  I thought it might be interesting to write about what we’re doing and occasionally share photos and glimpses to the finished product.  Bill and I will take turns sharing our views about the house on West Main.

Bill and I officially moved in July 23rd, 2009, and formally bought the house in late September.  To start our blog journey, I wanted to share some moving day photos.

It’s difficult when you move into a new house to know where to put everything, especially if you have a lot of crap to move out. . . like the junk the previous owner left.

What we found in the house when we moved in. . .

This is what we found when we moved in. .. old mattresses, rotting books & shoes, loads of paint, dusty rugs and curtains. A filthy place, we couldn’t even walk around barefoot for a few weeks.  The house had been rented out for several years, which meant overgrowth in the yard, grease in the kitchen and a shower that was brown (instead of white).  The owners lived in Florida and were “shocked” to hear about the pile that we moved out.  And yet, they were confused about why we didn’t want the metal desk in the smallest bedroom upstairs.  They had just accepted it from their previous owners and used it.  Well, Bill and I weren’t accustomed to living with other people’s junk and dust.  So, we’ve been cleaning out ever since.

Course, our piles of stuff on moving day didn’t help it look any better.  We moved most of our stuff into the den and parlor so that we could clean floors.  Below, you see the den facing the front of the house.

Moving stuff in

It will be a long, enjoyable journey to get this house where we want it. My mom and husband have an agreement that it will be done in five years. I think it is possible, but we’ll see. Each room holds its own treasures and challenges.


9 thoughts on “Moving In”

  1. Nice idea, especially the photos. Post some before and after images so we can see the progress you are making.

  2. Karyn, Bill,
    What a wonderful idea! I remember seeing that pile of ‘goodies'(UGH) before it was taken away! So glad you two are in my neighborhood! Love, Debi

  3. keep the pictures coming! i hope you will add ones of the other rooms as well- i love the stenciling you did – and would love to see more pictures of it!

  4. Pleasure to meet you, Dana. What a wonderful blog idea you have, too. Full life! 😉 Oh yeah, Debi. . . that pile was a disaster, and it seems like forever ago. Whew, but I’m glad we took care of it then. Lots more to go and definitely a post on the dining room for DJ!

  5. This is a most amazing house & watching you and Bill bring new life to it is going to be such a treat! Thanks so much for starting this blog! I’m waaay excited about it. 🙂

  6. You guys did a great Job with that old house and Thanks for sharing your adventure with all of us…. Good Luck in your Future Ventures

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