The Wrap Around Porch

While you may have read that Karyn had a few requirements for a house while we were house hunting for 14 months, I had many, many more! One of which was that the house could NOT have a shared driveway … and …ours does … hmmm … 

One Driveway, two houses

It doesn’t matter.  Every one of my requirements faded away as soon as I stepped onto the porch of 60 West Main Street. The first words I declared, standing on the third step up was “We … are buying … this house!” 

There’s no better way of explaining it, and I hope that Karyn doesn’t feel jealous or threatened but stepping onto the porch for the first time was like falling in love. I was overwhelmed, rendered speechless (useless actually) and couldn’t do anything about it! 

(It’s critically important to add that I no longer feel that way about the porch but I certainly do about Karyn!) 

The first day we saw the porch. . .

The porch was in rough shape (the whole house was and much of it still is!) but I could see it for what it was and would become again the moment I was able to step up onto the first few stairs. It took a step or two to really see since it was covered with vines and hidden by the overgrowth of un-pruned trees and shrubs. The vines were entangled onto the porch roof and well upon the second story wall of the east side of the house nearly encroaching on the roofline! However once I was upon that second, then third, then fourth step I was absolutely overwhelmed with what the porch had to offer: an amazing welcoming to our new home, a quiet restful place to waste away lazy Sunday afternoons, a place to dispense candy to the over-300-trick-or-treaters we got our first Halloween, a place to play guitar when the living room feels too “inside”… It’s my favorite “room” “in” the house! 

Side porch now

The front porch wraps around the front-east corner of the house.  It has room for furniture, a swing, glider, tables, chairs, a rocker, planters and more! The porch carries you into the home and welcomes you to stay for a while and at the same time it tells you the house likes you. It was the first “room” I wanted fixed! 

Porch glider

There are two stair cases; the main front stairs and there’s a side stair case that was completely missing when we first arrived. You can enter or exit the living room from two different doors that lead onto the porch as well. The front stairs lead to the main double cherry doors and the side stairs have a single mahogany door that is in desperate need of refinishing however Karyn loves the distressed oil and shellac finish so much she won’t let me touch it yet… yes, yet. She promises I can refinish the door later. 

Side stairs

The side stairs had rotted so much they were basically a pile of decayed wood and dirt. Luckily there was enough of the railings to copy them for the refurbishing. As you may have read earlier in the “Exterior Paint Job” post, the porch was part of that project to satisfy the mortgage requirements so the work was completed by the hired contractors. I had a wood turner copy the spindles we needed and the contractors built the new stairs to replicate what was there as best we could tell. Completely hidden from view from the front of the house, they came out to be one of my favorite features of the entire house as they lead to my favorite side of the garden and yard! 

View from far corner of the porch

Karyn surprised me the week the painters had finished all their work with a new address number plate. I built an escutcheon mounting plate and proudly hung it next to the front door. I hope to get some urns for the front stairs and more furniture. The glider was a gift from me to Karyn for her birthday last March … but I think I use it more than she does! 

60 West Main

3 thoughts on “The Wrap Around Porch”

  1. my mom will so be stitching on that porch.. i love porches- i can totally understand how you felt- i would have wanted the house to- and then tony would have reminded me i have no skills like you guys do- and we would still be living in shambles.. 🙂

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