Master Bedroom Part 2

We’ve put in about 10 full days of work so far on the Master bedroom.  That might not sound like much, but ultimately those are weekend days with both of us working on the room.  And, we’re likely not even halfway done.

Cleaning up debris after sheetrock removal

To give you an idea of how we have spent that time so far. . .

Day 1 & 2:  Dad and Bill pulled out sheet rock covering windows and removed faux closet and shelves.

Day 3:  Bill and I worked on the front window sash cords.  All of the windows in this house are double hung, meaning they open from the top and bottom.  Most of the sash weights are in place for each window, except those two windows in the front in the master bedroom.  So, I had to dig around the attic and basement looking for stray weights.  Then we had to pull out all the insulation alongside the sashes in order to put in the cords so the windows would work.  It’s a beautiful system and easy to do IF there isn’t insulation stuffed in the pockets.

Sash weight and pocket

As you can see to the right, there is a pocket in the woodwork seemed in beautifully.  It removes with a single screw and then each weight for that side of the sashes can be accessed.  So, the old cord needs to be cut, and a new cord fed through the pulley at the top and tied to the weight at the bottom.  The windows open easier than the new vinyl ones once the cords are working.

Day 4:  Bill puts on the front window moulding.  (All of this was completed before our inspection at the end of May.)

Day 5:  Bill took down the lovely bright red shelves in the bedroom nook.  Eventually we’d like to make this part of the room into a master bath, if we could get the plumbing to work.  It’s about 8 x 7 feet, so it could work as a nice HUGE walk-in closet, too.

Red shelves, don't they go nice with pale pink walls?

Day 6:  I cleaned, vacuumed really while Bill began to stabilize the plaster in the ceiling.  There are mostly cracks, but some lose plaster that needs to be adhered before we can really start plastering over everything. Bill is the king of plastering, so I’m sure he’ll explain the process more thoroughly in another post.

Day 7:  I put in sash cords on the other two windows while Bill finished putting up the base moulding and repaired the moulding in the interior window.

Day 8:  Bill painted sashes. . . and I was likely doing laundry, but I can’t remember

Day 9:  Bill finished up all the moulding he could and I started learning how to plaster.  In the afternoon, Bill plastered and I began priming all the woodwork.

Plastering and moulding

This room originally appeared to be a light turquoise.  When it was re-done with all the sheetrock and fake closets, it was painted pink, from ceiling to floor and all woodwork in between.  Below you can see a closeup of the lathe under the original plaster (which was horsehair) and the reason why we need to do so much more plaster on top and repairing the moulding. . or at least filling in the moulding.  When the closet was put in, the owner removed a lot of the moulding and we’ve had to scrounge around the corners of the house to find stuff to fill in.  Thankfully, there are years and years of stored goodies in the recesses of this house.  And, I’m married to a wood working wonder.

Day 10:  Bill plastered like a mad man and almost the whole first coat is completed.

We won’t even start discussing the floor.  That will be a whole new adventure, as this room will have the first floor that we’ll redo from scratch.


8 thoughts on “Master Bedroom Part 2”

  1. Great post honey!

    My arms are still sore from day-10 plastering!
    The floor will be easy compared to the ceiling! Yikes!

    We’ll need to scrape, stabilize and repair and skim coat the whole thing.

    You were right … we’re not half way done yet 🙂 but seeing the pictures and your post makes me ready for more!

  2. Both of you are incredible. I know it will all be worth the hours and hours of work when you are finished. You will have a gorgeous house!

  3. i love this latest post of the ongoing saga of your wonderful house–
    billy- you make me laugh with your comment- i think plaster fell on your head- that you are so eager for more 🙂
    actually- i wish i has a half of your skills…. 🙂

    look forward to the next post-
    and btw my dad laid new oak flooring in our house when he bought so- so if you need help at all (i know unlikely)
    call him…

    donna jean

  4. I LOVE your house and am loving reading about your renovations. I’ve always wanted to renovate but Daniel and I just don’t have the skills to do it on our own, so it wouldn’t be as cool to just hire someone to do it all. So, I am very excited for you. What a beautiful home to work on!! I feel like I’m watching my own HGTV home renovation show!

    1. HI Holly! Thank you so much~ I have learned so much of this stuff just by doing it wrong the first time. Ha! It’s frustrating that way, but feels good, too, to do it on our own. And Bill is a great teacher and partner. Give us a call if you ever want to go down the renovation road, and come up to NY to visit!!! Bring the dogs, too!

  5. Karyn and Bill,
    There’s nothing like those beautiful old windows.
    We have them in our house and because they’re so old it looks like pressed glass or somthing. I love looking out the slight warbles and light through those windows.

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