Working on the kitchen, library and bedroom

Well, there isn’t a lot to show this week in pictures because the progress shots aren’t nearly as exciting as the finished pics with the “before” alongside.  But, I can promise you there is a lot happening.

This week, I started working on the kitchen.  No, the bedroom isn’t complete, but I needed a project of my own while Bill plasters his heart out.  He has done such a beautiful job in the Master bedroom that I’m still shocked it looks almost normal.  AND, we’ll be able to move in this fall.  I’ve picked out colors, stencils and I’m ready to put on the finishing touches.  While he works on that ceiling, I started peeling wallpaper in the kitchen.

Mid-project kitchen shot. . . looking towards the backyard and laundry room

To peel wallpaper in a normal setting, one would find a corner and just pull.  If it is put on correctly, it will come down smoothly without marring the walls.  “Put on correctly” meaning that the walls were primed beforehand.  In our case, most of this paper was put directly onto sheetrock or plaster, meaning that it takes hours to pull down 4 square feet.  The reason people put up wallpaper on un-primed surfaces is that its cheaper and it sticks really well.  I’ve spent four afternoons, so far, peeling down the border in the kitchen.  Spraying with a mix of water and fabric softener loosens the glue and then I can scrape with a razor blade.

Once I’m done, I’ll prime and paint.  We aren’t changing out appliances or counters in the kitchen yet, though it could really use it.  Down the road we’ll either custom build or get something more suitable.  Right now, there is just a mish mash of cobbled together counters and parts.  Except for the spacious butler’s pantry.  🙂  Yum!  I’ll shed light on that space down the road.

And, I mentioned the library in the subject for a reason. . . There are several other ongoing projects that we have yet to mention.  Bill is setting up his wood-shop in the basement, which is in process because of ongoing projects and major clean-out needed down there.  We have also finished the library, which was originally the front parlor, except for the bookshelves and stencil work we’re going to to.  It will definitely be my favorite room in the house once it is complete.  And, last November, we put in a pellet stove, which was a small overhaul in itself.  All of those we have yet to share here with photos, mainly because we want those pieces to be complete before you see them.  There is much to come!


4 thoughts on “Working on the kitchen, library and bedroom”

  1. Karyn,

    There’s a lot on the web about how people paint their counters to look like granite. I haven’t done it yet.

    BUT! We did run out of money working on our new house, so we’re getting creative. I saw how some people are using furniture grade plywood (polyurethaned) for their counter tops. It’s supposed to be a hot trend right now.

    However… we’re going to put down regular plywood and use peel and stick floor tile for the counters. I’ve tried staining some of the tiles with everything I can think of – including blueberries, and they don’t stain! We’ll probably poly over the tiles to keep it relatively waterproof between the seams. All the cabinets were given to us by a special friend (with the initials RS). I’m painting them white and they look great.

    In a way it’s kinda fun to have to get creative about it.
    I wish you well and fun on your projects!

    1. Hi Lori,
      Bill had wanted to use concrete for counters at one point, but they certainly won’t fit into our Victorian decor. Its down the road a ways, though. I mean . .. years away. 🙂
      You can tint the polyurethane then, if you want the tiles stained. 🙂 Universal tints will do the trick. Enjoy that process, it will be fun.

      We are having a good time. Though, I’m taking a break today from peeling wallpaper to work on my studio stuff.

      Miss “seeing” you

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