The Kitchen

This weekend we worked mainly on the kitchen, and getting ready for the winter.  Bill spent some time refinishing our solid cherry storm doors.  (Another treat discovered as he sanded away.)

In process of removing the borders and plaster work

We aren’t planning on getting new counters or appliances for a while, but I was tired of the sad decor and dusty cabinetry in our kitchen.  I wanted it to be a place that I really wanted to work in, and we accomplished just that.

The counters are a mish mash of cobbled together plywood and tiled tops in some spots, laminate in others.  The appliances are black and in fairly decent shape, although it did take me the better part of an early move-in weekend to clean them.

The paint job was an awful pale yellow with a sad apple border placed on top of an older border.  Poorly matching to say the least.  So, I began by taking down the old borders and Bill touched up the plaster work in both the kitchen and pantry.

Before . . .

The pantry, by the way, is a full floor to ceiling butler’s pantry, with window and a swinging door into the dining room.  One of the first things we did last fall was paint the interiors of those cabinets to clean them up.  It’s a luxury to have such a huge pantry, and its beautiful to boot.

Unfortunately, I still need to finish painting it, but I just had to share this post on the completed kitchen.

After a few days of wallpaper removal and plaster work, we primed and then I painted a few coats. I have chosen a palette for the whole house, so every room goes with the next one, and in looking into one room from another, there is a synchronicity.  Since the dining room is a soft green, I thought the pantry and kitchen would look good in a deep rusty orange, really the color of a football.  I’m quite pleased with the outcome, as the kitchen is very warm and Tuscan feeling.  My plum dishes fit nicely in both rooms.

and after

After the painting, I spent hours cleaning the woodwork so that I wouldn’t have to repaint at this time.  Every once in a while there is still a lingering “pet odor” from the multitudes of dogs that lived here long before us.  But, every cleaning makes it better.

Then, Bill put in a new ceiling fan light to replace the potpourri light that was there.  Can’t describe it well, so I thought I would attach a photo. We polished the light above the sink, thinking it might actually be 80 years old. As a last touch, Bill sanded and resurfaced the large cutting board block that is our penisula counter.

With new carpet, too. 🙂

It is warm and homey, ready for bread baking and winter stews and long conversations with good friends.


8 thoughts on “The Kitchen”

    1. I’m so jealous of you guys! Just joking I’m happy for you. Some of the best memories and satisfying feelings was when I helped my Dad with the renovation of our house. When we bought it from the Episcopal church it was so run down- it had the original wiring which was very dangerous and resembled a sparrow’s nest. Does the house have bead-board or pressed tin ceilings? I like those. Karyn have you ever been inside my house? Well, enjoying your blog.
      Aaron Cook

      1. I was in your house ages ago, Aaron. I don’t remember it well, but I do know your family was lucky to find something like it in that area. We have some bead board in the kitchen and upstairs bath, but no tin ceilings. If I get up the energy, I’m going to paint some of the ceilings here~ decoratively. We’ll see, lots of other work before then~

  1. hi karyn,

    i love the orange– that is a color that i would be afraid to try .. but seeing it work makes me want to be more daring in my wall color choices.. i thought yellow was daring 🙂

    1. Karyn,
      Looks fantastic! Fun to come home to your blog, and see what you and Bill have accomplished while we were vacationing! Beautiful Kitchen color! Compliments your energetic personalities, too! :O)

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