Painting!! Master Bedroom Part 5

Things are moving along, we’re on day 26, I believe, of working on the bedroom.  Bill has completed all the plastering and priming and woodwork in the main bedroom, and he’ll be winding down the rest of the plastering in the nook this weekend.

All primed and ready for the paint

We were a little behind after I last posted due to finding some hairline cracks in one of the main walls after we had primed. . . which is really not cool.  We think that because of the painting and activity in that room that the hairline cracks became apparent.

So, we re-meshed and re-plastered and re-primed that entire wall, which added a few more days to the work run.  But, now, its all in pristine condition.  It’s just hard to keep in mind some days that we are still learning as we go, and that the house won’t be perfect.  But, it will be our work, and we’ll love what we’ve done, knowing that the small flaws are what enhance its character and show its age.

View into the nook

Much of the moulding that had originally been around the windows and floor was removed, due to the odd window coverings and makeshift closet.  So, we searched for substitutes and small pieces in the basement that would work.  Thanks to a super resourceful neighbor, Neighbor Dave, we were able to replace what was around  the windows, so we were just shy of the basecap moulding for the baseboards.

What we found in our lumber yard works, though it isn’t a perfect match.  However, the room is complete and very sharp due to Bill’s gifted wood-working abilities.

View from the windows

Now, on to what I actually can do.  Paint.  I don’t add a lot to the plastering except for moral support, and I didn’t prime much on this go. . . so now its my turn to lend a hand to the process.

For those of you that don’t know, my background is scenic art — painting for theatre.  And, I have spent a few years doing some home and business painting, both faux finishes and straight up wall painting.  (Bill has, too, actually, the multi-gifted man he is.)

Bill's sweet handy-work

So, painting is a real joy for me.  In this room, I took the time to make one of my favorite tools for cutting in the edges, a bamboo brush holder.  Unbelieveably, there was a stick of bamboo in the attic.  I sawed off the end to get a hole opening and then sawed slits around the edge.  With the addition of some rubber bands, the bamboo can hold a brush so that I can stand on the floor and cut in around the edges.  Voila!


Ceiling is painted

What you see here is the now painted ceiling, a pale grey that I mixed with some leftover wall paint and our normal ceiling color.  Though ceilings are not the most fun to work on, there is such a huge difference between a ceiling that needs work and a pristine, freshly coated ceiling.

Next, I’ll cut in the walls and paint them with 2 coats before doing any stencil work.  Stay tuned for those pics!


5 thoughts on “Painting!! Master Bedroom Part 5”

  1. wow- karyn– i did not know you used to paint for theater scenery! you and billy really are a perfect match.. 🙂

    as always a great beginning with the paint for that room- i am so looking forward to seeing what the stenciling will look like- if you can i would love to see a tutorial of how you actually do it- its just amazing!

  2. Hi All!
    Thanks! Painting makes the room look whole, but it’s really all of Billy’s prep that makes it possible. 🙂 I’ll try to post a lot of stenciling photos once I’m at that point so you can see the detail.

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