Still painting . . .

Just a short catch up. . . We are still in the master bedroom, wrapping things up to prepare for the floor rejuvenation!  We can’t wait to try our plans on the floor.  The whole house needs floor work, but this will be our first real test.

So far in painting, the master bedroom now has a fine coat of grey on the walls accompanied by a sharp looking off-white trim.

Check out the interesting floor pattern in this shot. ?? Several places in the house have the floor painted around what appears to be an old rug. Probably done to conserve paint.

Here you can see Bill rolling the walls after I’ve cut in around the edges and moulding.  It’s a beautiful warm grey, close to a French grey that will look great when the floors are complete.  I’m on the warpath to do some stenciling, but have run into an issue getting more than one stencil of the pattern that I’d like to reproduce.  However, I’ll be working on the ceiling trim later this week to complete the painting in the main part of the bedroom. Bill is still in process of priming the nook and closet.  Almost there!

We have been delayed a little more as we have been spending a lot of our time this fall with cool people.  We’ve had a lot of visitors over the weekends, and just last weekend, it was my sweet cousin and her hubby from Missouri.  I’ve also been spending some weekdays with a fun artsty neighbor friend and a new friend who is visiting family in Ithaca.  Not to mention dinners and games with friends from Golden, Bill’s company.  It has been a wonderfully social fall for us, especially being that we live in such a small town.  So, “thank you” to all the cool visitors we’ve had.  We’re looking forward to more!

For those of you that are just finding our blog for the first time, we’re in process of re-doing the entire master bedroom and sharing our step by step process.  You can see Master Bedroom Parts 1-5 in the archives of the blog, or click below for each part.  Thanks so much for following!

Master Bedroom Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five


4 thoughts on “Still painting . . .”

  1. Oh man! I miss you guys! I want to be one of your regular visitors! The bedroom looks beautiful! I can’t wait to see it finished. You guys rock! (Yes, I did use 5, make that 6, exclamation marks!)

  2. Can I assume that I might be the ‘artsy’ neighbor?
    You know I enjoy the time, and am learning so much from you!
    Meanwhile, great color for the bedroom!
    Looking forward to seeing the floors all done.
    That will be quite an undertaking, but well worth it!!!
    And, if by chance you want me to have my little visitor again,
    (anytime!) I am up for it! She is a sweetie!

  3. Carla~ I’d be happy if you and your family moved in, but I’d take just a visit anytime. 😉
    Donna~ We’re ready for you, expecting you to visit in the spring, with DJ and a kid or two in hand?
    Debi~ Thanks for all the above, your friendship is a a new fun thing and your support is invaluable.


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