Merry Christmas from Bill & Karyn

About us. . . a break from the housework. . . reflections on the year:

Another year has flown by, and it has been a whirlwind for us here on 60 West Main. We have gotten so much work done on the house, and it is really beginning to feel like a home.  But, the house is just a small part of our news.

Winter and spring were a busy time for us, as Bill started back to school and I had a lot of traveling with work. Bill’s job in HR at Golden Artist Colors is  gaining momentum as he is learning the manager ropes.  Currently, he is the HR Generalist, assisting in manager duties. Celebrating his 21st year at Golden, he has really accomplished quite a bit professionally.

On my end, work headed the other way. After producing some DVDs for my company and a busy winter building new products, I was let go due to restructuring. With a few national presentations to do in June, I was hopeful that doors would open for consulting or part-time work. After six months, I’m still unemployed with no prospects. I have had more time to paint, however which I am loving, and you can see my artwork at

But, the timing for my unemployment hasn’t been bad, due to the fact that Bill and I are expecting. “Evening” sickness has stuck close by, but the baby is healthy and will arrive in early March if all is on schedule. We were happy to find out it is a boy, and he is quite active already. Our nursery project is far behind, but it will happen in good time.  You’ll be able to see all those details here on our blog.

Well, that is our full and busy year, and the next, I’m sure will hold more surprises.

May the season be a wonderful time of reflection and joy for you, and your New Year be blessed.

Love, Bill & Karyn (Heidi & Baby Boy)


3 thoughts on “Merry Christmas from Bill & Karyn”

  1. Merry Christmas, Bill and Karyn. Uncle Conrad and I missed being with all of you at Thnaksgiving. Hopefully the New Year will bring good health to all of us and we will be able to see you in the spring.
    Love, Aunt Donna and Uncle Conrad

  2. Merry Christmas to you both!
    Steve and I will see you in February! Keep warm, hug Heidi and your little bundle of love for us! Paint with passion! (I know you do!) Love your works, K!
    Happy New Year ahead!!!
    Love, Debi (and Steve!)

  3. hi guys! merry christmas to you guys too.. the kids loved the presents 🙂
    hope you got a chance to relax and enjoy time with the meyer family!

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