William’s growth

It has been a month since I let you know about the birth of our son.  He has gained about five pounds and a few inches since then.  So, I thought you might like to see his changing looks.

His first week home
2 weeks later
at one month
and now

A huge thanks to my cousin Sarah for this bouncie seat, which he loves but is almost too big for at this point. Yup, got a chunk on our hands. He actually seems to want to grow this fast, he seems ready to run or fly. Thank you, too, to Molly and Aunt Donna for these outfits. We’ve already started a box of things that are too small, but we’ve been able to enjoy and wear (or pee on) everything we’ve been given.

As a family, we have been so blessed to have so much support around us for our first child. I was given two baby showers (both surprises) and we’ve received so many wonderful gifts for Will. Thank you so much. It has been encouraging and wonderful to have the love around us as we start this new journey. I can say that it is like nothing I’ve ever experienced and I look forward to what the road holds for us.


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