Changes are coming

Well, we’re off to a slow start this year.  The master bedroom is my pride now that it is complete, however, we’ve found a major glitch in our renovation system.  The baby appears to be allergic or irritated by the products we used on the floor!  So, that great little nursery nook we made?  Well, it all had to be moved, and moved again.  At first we didn’t know it was the room, so it took us a while to figure out that our son was agitated and stuffy because of the solvents.  I can still smell them faintly, but Bill can’t smell them at all.  So, we were hoping to be settled.  But, the baby has a sensitive system, so we moved him next door into the guest room/green room.  Alas, the floor still seems to bother him, so we moved him down to the library.  And now, currently, the baby’s room is in our library.  (And, our bedroom is the close-by dining room).  The green room still holds the crib, and there is a pack and play in the kitchen.  It is a long story, but when one has a baby, the house seems to collect baby things in every room.

We were going to focus on finishing the floors this summer, but we aren’t going to move forward on those until we know what finish to use.  Our previous choice was not only easy to maintain and looks great, but it is extremely durable.  The best choice for low odor will be softer and more likely to scuff.  Throw out ideas if you have them.

But, we are plugging away at Will’s new room, whether or not we do his floor right away.  Bill is spending bits of time here and there plastering and I’m well. . . I’m nursing and diaper changing a little man who will eventually be helpful on the home renovations, too.

You can see how much he has grown in 3 months.  He is giving us a workout physically but we’ll get back to full swing eventually and finish this project! 😉

Taken last week, just after a feeding
in the hospital the day after he was born

Stay tuned for a video tour soon!


3 thoughts on “Changes are coming”

  1. Is there any hypoallergenic finish that you could use? It is really hard to do work with a baby in the house. The dust, odors, and lack of time are a real problem.

  2. so sorry will has such a sensitive system! maybe it could be something he out grows as he gets older- so maybe you can put off finishing the floors as the last step in the house process??

    i am sure there are tons of sites on the best paints, finishes to use with babies- hopefully that will be of some help to you-

    cant wait to meet will- hopefully soon!
    donna jean

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