the Nursery: it is almost there

a lot of plasterwork to go

Well, we have been a while in writing.  Our new son, born in February has taken up quite a bit of our time and energy.  But, we have pushed on to complete his room and hopefully finish the living room by Thanksgiving.  I took a short trip south this summer to give Bill some uninterrupted time to work on the nursery.

As you may remember the walls needed a lot of plaster due to the fact that they were covered with a sanded paint and had some substantial cracking.  Before I left to go south, Bill had repaired a lot of the cracks, meshed the walls and put on at least one coat of plaster.  During the 10 days of my trip he managed to finish the plaster and sand the walls, apply sheet rock to the ceiling, tape and fill, caulk the woodwork, polish the hardware, scrape and paint the sashes, repair the sash cords and prime everything.  Yeah, “wow” is right.  And, he was working a full time job and doing classwork at the same time.

finished plaster, waiting for primer

Upon my return, we have been able to paint the walls and trim.  It is such a bright room that I didn’t want to use a dark color for our little guy, so I went with a pale robin’s egg blue.  I’ve picked out new lighting which will arrive soon, too.  I have planned to do some decorative painting in his room (in all my spare time), but I keep changing my mind as to what to do.  Possibly a mural or a faux chair rail with a pattern underneath.

This weekend we will put up crown moulding and finish the painting and then the following weekend we will begin on the floors.  This floor has the least damage, so it should take very little to sand and stain.  We have decided to use a water-borne stain and polyurethane in the nursery due to the fact that Will was very sensitive to the tung oil we used in the master bedroom.  It won’t be as durable and a bit more difficult to maintain, but I’m finding the tung oil a beast of its own in that I can still smell the oil when I enter the room, and we finished that floor in January.

first coats of paint on walls and trim

Ah well, my writing time is short today. . . the young’un has awoken.  I’ll be back to post finished photos when the room is complete.


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