the Living Room: Getting Started

Before we started. . . .

We are finishing up the nursery over the next month and I’ll post new photos of its completion once all of the furniture is moved and settled.  I’ll do some decorative painting before then, too, so it is baby-friendly.  I was thrilled to have time this weekend to paint as it was, and Bill spent the time putting in moulding and touching up trim work.  We’ll have to take a weekend off for work celebrations at Golden and then we’ll start sanding the floor.

In the meantime, I thought I’d show you the living room.  Bill has already put up the sheetrock on the ceiling, and we’ve cleared it out to ready the walls.  He will plaster and fill first as usual, but this room has fewer cracks than the others.  It was the one room in the house, we think, that the previous owners patched and painted.  The red color has made the room cozy in the winters, but rather dark.  The woodwork is cherry, so we won’t have to paint that.  We’ll clean it really well and oil it like the dining room.  We’ll have to work on the pocket doors, though, which will be a heavy task considering they have been used frequently and are so heavy that they drag on the floor.  Bill will also refinish the mantle and piece in some moulding to fit better around the pellet stove.  He also wants to refinish the side door leading to the porch.  (But, I sort of like that door, it is all cracked with old shellac and I like how it’s aged.)

Sheetrock in place, let the plastering begin!

This floor is extremely well worn, but we likely won’t refinish it for another year or two.  Will will probably be running through the house before we know it and with our long winters here, I might let him ride a scooter through the house during snow storms.  Best to leave the floors as they are for a while.

The chandelier matches the one in the dining room; original to the house and likely plated in nickel or pewter.  It will be cleaned as well as the stain glass window, which isn’t viewable from these photos.  And yes, I’ll paint or stencil in this room as well.

Of course I’ll be glad to show you process shots along the way.  It is our goal to have this room completed before Christmas, but we never know what will come our way.


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