Just a few pics

Fall 2009

So, it is way past time to catch you up on all the house doings. The house is readying for a winter season. We have already had a first snow fall and a few hundred trick-or-treators. 🙂 You can see how far we have come in 2 years from the before and after shots of our house in the fall. I still have a lot of gardening to do, though, to give our house more street appeal and just to enjoy our little yard. We were lucky that there was so much mature foliage upon moving into this place, but I still have yet to learn what everything is and how to care for it. There are some huge lilac trees in the back, along with five quince bushes, blackberries and loads of flowering bushes that are new to me. Our priorities have been the inside for obvious reasons, but I’m looking forward to plunking the baby down in a sandbox in the spring and beginning the huge process of creating flower and veggie beds.

Fall 2011

On the inside, we have finished plastering and painting the living room.  It is a soft green right now, but completely the wrong color.  You might wonder how that happened, considering that Bill and I are both painters and I chose these colors eons ago.  Well, metamirism would be the answer–how the light and setting have effected the color.  (Did I spell that right, Bill?)  Painted on a small swatch held up next to the other palette, the color looks marvelous, but once painted on the whole surface of the room, it looks to bright and to blue.  So, I’ve got some faux work to do to correct it, along with another full room of stenciling.  It has to look Victorian, match the dining room and work well with my furniture and hallway plans.  So, pics of the bad “Green” to come.

Below you can see how the plaster work came about, with plastic covering all the woodwork and pellet stove.  Since the stove is now lit and working, we had wanted to complete the painting before the fall season.  The room is still empty, we’re using the dining area as a living room space.  Bill is working on the mantle, refinishing it and getting ready to build an upper mantle to work with our mirror and the cherry moulding.  We’ll wait to do the floors until the baby has worn them down to a nub riding toys and what not across them.  Possibly by Christmas, we’ll move back in.

Ready for priming

6 thoughts on “Just a few pics”

  1. Amazing transformation! How did you go about choosing your exterior colors? And I know what you mean about painting a room the wrong color. I painted Porter’s room a shade of green when we first moved to Pittsburgh, but it is a little too blue–a little “minty” looking–and it drives me nuts. Since he’s two he doesn’t care, but I do!

    1. We chose our colors based on the roof color. .. it was/is brown and in good condition, so we know we’ll be stuck with it for a while. And, I wanted colors that were neutral enough until I got to “know” the house. I think for re-painting, I might do different porch colors and all, but I don’t know yet. We also think the original siding color was white, so we wanted that. Yeah, isn’t it weird when you think you know you’ve got the right color, but it isn’t??

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