Gender Roles in Chores

My Dresser

There are very few things that Bill (my husband) won’t do around the house and in turn that I won’t do around the house.  We have fallen in many ways into the typical gender roles of housework.  I do most of the laundry and interior cleaning, while he takes out the trash, mows the lawn and hangs all light fixtures.  This suits us well, as we both enjoy doing those things (seriously).  We’ve taken a lot of pride in our home and love working on it.

However, there are a few things that Bill won’t do, some because he doesn’t think of them. . . like dusting.  But others, he just won’t do, like clipping nails.  This may sound like an odd home chore, but we now have two dependents that need nail clipping — a dog and a child.  Bill will have nothing to do with nail clipping, it is solely on my shoulders.  For legal reasons, I won’t reveal why he refuses to do nails, but you can try asking him personally.  The dog needs her nails done weekly, as she was bred a digger and doesn’t get out much to wear them down in this weather.  The baby needs his nails done about every 3 days, and I have no idea why they grow so fast.  But, in both cases, I’m dealing with a squirmer who doesn’t like the process.  I’m getting it down to a science, though.  With Heidi, it is all about the treat at the end, which is a soley “nail-clipping” treat.  For the baby, it is about doing it while he is nursing and less likely to pull away.

What chores won’t I do?  Well, I suppose I won’t do the plastering or lawn mowing, mainly because I am mediocre at both of those.  Last year when I tried to mow, the lawn had little weed patches here and there that showed between the “rows” I mowed.  And plastering?  Well, just not my strong suit — the plaster is heavy and nothing like painting.    I also don’t do any plumbing or electrical work in this house, mainly because I don’t want to screw those up, and Bill is way better at most of that stuff anyway.  I have, for the record, replaced light fixtures and whole toilets on my own.  But like I said, Bill is waaay better at those than I.

There is no gender bias in the kitchen, though.  We both cook and clean up equally, though I do most of the baking.  It is truly our pleasure and we love to cook together and host dinners or brunches together.  If you feel like a visit to central New York, come by the Berthel B&B.


3 thoughts on “Gender Roles in Chores”

  1. Yes, it is interesting, no? I wrote a post a while back on being a Househusband, that I think I should rewrite for this blog, too. Pleasure to have you both commenting and reading! 🙂

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