My Studio

Earliest picture of studio

In many cases we have forgotten to take really good before shots, and instead found ourselves creating semi-before shots during the first steps of cleaning out. This is one example. My studio had a country white paint-able border at the top and the doors were partially painted blue. The walls, like the nursery, also were sand painted to cover cracks and the floor is an absolute disaster. We aren’t planning on working on this room for a while, even though it will likely be a quicker job than some rooms simply because of the size. But, we did start in here actually. We took down the hideous border and left an atrocious glue and paper stained one in its place. I also primed the closet, just to clean it up enough to use and then I primed the blue on the doors to cover it a bit. But, I actually don’t mind the look of the studio, now that I’ve hung oddly green semi-velvet curtains and put in a white rug. It’s homey and cozy for me, and it gets great light. I feel better in a smaller space, believe it or not, and this is just perfect right now.

Don’t you like the country kitchen light?

As it is right now

The plan is to make this the guest room and my studio the front green room, which I’m debating about.  I would love the space and I LOVE those front windows, but this small back room is cozy.  The front green room will likely be the very last project we ever do, when we’re 80 and the house is falling apart in every other way.  It has a lot of work and it is large, and we want to work on so many other things in the house first.  So, it wouldn’t be hurt to have a little more paint on the floor and lots  of nails in the walls for hanging work in progress.  Again, we’ll see how things unfold.


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