Mudroom Progress

I really dislike the term “mud room” so I needed to look up a few definitions and history origins for the term. Obviously, the term relates to an entry room meant to protect the rest of the house from dirty, wet and muddy clothes and shoes and boots. The term seems to have come into vogue in the mid 40’s in American architecture… “A repository for muddy outdoor garments, hunting clothes and in some cases, pool and swimming attire” I read one reference to suggest. I guess I want my mud room to be nicer than a place where dirty clothes and shoes will reside but truth be told, that’s just what we need, especially rearing a male child!

One of the trickiest parts of this project has been to transition from the plywood patch placed where the old servant stairs landed on the first floor to the first step. My task was to remove the 3/4 inch plywood and replace with flooring boards Floor to Stairs Transitionmaking a smooth transition from floor to first stair riser already in place. I was lucky enough to have a variety of flooring planks found in the basement and attic. While they vary in width and species, they actually worked out quite well. Of course the span covered did not work out well with the widths of the boards I had so I needed to rip one length of board and shape the edge to make a bull-nosed stair tread.

While the above sort of challenge is fun, I enjoy the finish work much more. My next steps (pun intended) are to finish the walls and ceiling (lots of plaster work) so I can move onto the final woodworking of the paneled walls, finished stairs and classic Victorian black and white tile floor we plan to install.

Woodwork in Process
Woodwork in Process

And I’m already mentally processing my guitar room above the mud room. That’s how I got started on this mud room project was needing to run electrical supply to my guitar room above first. I made so much destruction I had to start from the bottom up!

Well, “mud room” or whatever we call it, I’m attempting to build and finish a  “room” that can double as an informal entry way suitable for guests, not just the family’s messy-wear and I think I’m well on my way. As visitors see my progress they share that it’s coming along very nicely and show appreciation for my work. I never see it until it’s done and even then, I’m rarely very happy with the outcomes of my labor but there are some pictures so you can judge for yourself!

Shelf Above Entry Door
Shelf Above Entry Door
Cubbies Above, Shelf Higher Still...
Cubbies Above, Shelf Higher Still…

2 thoughts on “Mudroom Progress”

  1. While I can appreciate the desire for a “mud room”, if you get rid of the back staircase, how will your son be able to sneak out at night during his rebellious teen years? 🙂

  2. Thanks Maria! So glad you’re reading our blog!
    You make a great point and I am thankful that the stairs were removed before we moved in now that you remind me that Will will likely go through a rebelloius period. Look forward to a blog post on installing a deadbolt on a teenager’s bedroom door when that stage hits! 🙂 BB

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