Update on the “Mudroom”

From the top of the stairs
From the top of the stairs

I love that Bill calls this our mudroom, primarily because it will end up looking and being so much more formal than a typical mudroom.  Our house calls for fancy, being a Queen Anne Victorian and Bill is such a perfectionist in his woodworking that it can’t be anything less.  But, it will still be the side entrance, the shoe drop off and the coat hangout.

Since Bill has little time to write and actually tell you what he is doing in the area, I thought it was time for me to upload some photos of his work and he can fill you in the next time he gets to write about it all.

It has been primed now, waiting for final caulking before the paint layers.  I don’t plan on doing stenciling in here, but that is only because I’m so behind on stenciling the rest of the house.  (I haven’t even begun to finish our bedroom that I started 2 years ago.)

It might be a while before Bill writes again, but we plan on tiling this floor and hanging some glass lighting.  Bill has also added a door that is at the top of the stairs to the basement, which you can’t see from these photos.  He found an old door wide enough in the basement to use and hung it this past weekend.  We hope to be finished in another month and then on to the next thing!

Note the new paneling up the stairs. . . yeah, Bill rocks.

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