Our weekends

the raspberries I planted last year
the raspberries I planted last year

Each weekend we get a little more done.  Sometimes it is mainly yard work, which over the past 4 summers has turned into more and more prolific flowers and well, the same amount of weeds.  🙂  But our lilacs are unreal this summer.  Sometimes, though, we get a few more bits done inside and out, amongst raising toddler Will and middle-age Heidi.

This past weekend we hung  a new storm door on the side, and I planted hyacinths and phlox.  It isn’t much, but those little changes add up a lot.  Our home is becoming more and more comfy and family-like.

My sister asked me recently what we are going to do next.  Well, honestly, I don’t think well tackle any large projects.  We’re saving money after buying another new vehicle this spring, and I’d like a bit of travel this year, too. So we are conquering smaller things.  We’ll paint more and adjust more.  We might scrape down the garage and resurface the drive.  We’ve discussed putting in a carport and even a shower in the downstairs bath.  But I’m just not sure.

my hosta garden on the south side in the shade
my hosta garden on the south side in the shade

Recently we had the house appraised for a refinance.  Unfortunately, the appraiser said the house was worth about $140K, which feels low to us.  He also said that it only matters how many heated square feet we have and how many baths and bedrooms.  He said it didn’t matter that we had the exterior painted or the floors redone.  It didn’t matter that we’ve put in all we’ve done, it only matters how much square footage we have.  He even said that a kitchen is just a kitchen and that a $100K kitchen is the same as what we have.  ?????  So, I’m pretty discouraged about putting any money into our house.

But at least we’re making it nicer for ourselves at this point.  So, that is why I’m gardening and doing smaller things.  The refinance will likely go through at the end of the month and give a few more dollars per month to put towards things that do matter — like ice cream. 😉


6 thoughts on “Our weekends”

  1. I think you should talk to another adjuster. Has he never heard about flipping? If what he is saying is true, no-one would make any improvements. Maybe a Realtor could give you a better idea of market value. 🙂 I think it looks great!

    1. Thanks Katherine! I did talk to our realtor after this and she said he was on the low extreme side, so that was a relief. 🙂 Whew. Thank you, we are enjoying the process immensely!

  2. The house is beautiful! The work that Bill and you have done is just amazing. As long as Bill and you enjoy doing the work and enjoy seeing the finished product, that’s all that matters. Please give hugs and kisses to Will. Aunt Donna

  3. I always find it amazing how much work people put into their houses to sell them, but they don’t do it to enjoy it themselves. While resale value is a consideration, I think you have to let your soul’s necessity be your guide. At the end of the day (and the whole rest of the day too), it’s your haven and needs to have an energy that’s rejuvenating to you. I’m in awe of the work you and Bill do. I did not inherit my mother’s house-project genes. We tiled our master bath a few months ago, and that wiped me out on house projects for the rest of the year. 🙂

    1. You are so right, it really does have to rejuvenate us. And it does mostly. I’m thankful for a husband who likes to do these things that I do. Working together on our house is intimate for us, brings us closer. Yeah, tiling is a beast, isn’t it? You go!

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