the best part of upstate New York

One of two lilac trees we have

To me the best part of living up here is the land.  It is healthy, vibrant, rich with color and wildlife.  We have loads of birds, squirrels, ground hogs and even deer in our back yard.  Everything has been lush this year, especially flowers.  Our lilacs actually gave me sneezes this year and I have never had allergies.  Right now the hibiscus and tiger lily are in full bloom and my raspberries are just starting to show berries.  I’m hopeful that my lemon and quince trees will do well for me so that I have more fun stuff to can.  (I learned how to can jam last summer and can’t wait to try a load of new fruits this year.)

Still has spots!

Last week we had an amazing treat in our yard.  She visited for quite some time before the creaking of us in our house, running from window to window, scared her off.  I hope she visits again, though.  It isn’t the first time we’ve had deer in the yard, and I sure hope it isn’t the last.  But, I’ve been told I’m not allowed to feed them. 😉


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