Garage Priming

the garage, waiting for a paint job
the garage, waiting for a paint job

With the driveway behind us, we have been focusing on priming the garage.  Unfortunately, fall came early this year and we both feel a little behind.  So, we hired a little help.  It isn’t our style to hire help, but Alex is a great guy and super agreeable to work with.  He is our neighbor’s nephew and loads of experience on projects like this.  Besides, the priming has been rather tedious for us.  We’re using a supremely good primer that goes on white, but dries clear.  It fills in cracks and adheres chipping paint to the surface.  Sort of like painting with Elmers, but a more stable version.  The garage looks plain and simple primed without the first coats of paint.  I’m hoping to get some actual color on it today, but we’ll see how the weather cooperates.

Bill will be fixing and updating the garage door and lights on the exterior.  If we get these lights working, it won’t be so dark during the winter when Bill comes home from work, or on nights we go out.  We won’t be able to finish everything we need to do to the garage this fall, but this is a good start, to have it painted.  We’ll have to repair the brick work and likely put in a new floor at some point.  When Will is old enough, we might make the attic a “playhouse” for him by putting in a dormer window.

I still can’t believe we get to live in this place.  What an amazing house.

And what an amazing fall coming.


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