Low key catchup

Mother's Day selfie
Mother’s Day selfie

This winter has taken a lot out of us.  Even Bill felt the effects of such a deep cold winter.  Will was sick a lot, we all were sick a lot and there was no leaving the house because of the frigid weather.  I could always tell when the weather was below 10 degrees in the mornings because my nose hairs would freeze instantly.  So, we stayed in a nested as best we could, getting very little done on the actual house.  Bill worked in his guitar closet/room, and I took note of the furniture I need to repair.

As spring came on, we started to find the motivation.  We’ve kicked in high gear in yard work because the weather has been San Diego nice.  But, we’ve also begun and almost finished renovating the downstairs guest bath.  And, Bill built a little treasure for me for Mother’s Day that is taking up most of the side porch — a swinging porch bed.  Woot!  I’ll post pics of it once it is painting and furnished with pillows.

We’ll be wrapping up the bath in the next 2 weeks and spending our summer on the garage.  We still have to finish painting it, and we’re talking about creating a car port and outside fire pit this summer.  So much to do and so little time.



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