My Porch Swing

My favorite gift that Bill has ever given me was an oak tray, distressed and stained beautifully.  We use it for nights we snack on cheese and olives from the couch, or if we happen to have a breakfast in bed occasion.  Bill made it for me for our first Christmas together and it is still one of my treasured things.  But, I have to say, he out-did himself this year for Mother’s Day.

Bill made me a porch swing, or rather a porch bed.  Since our wrap around porch is big enough to be a 5th bedroom, Bill made it into one.  I took our old futon mattress and found a weather proof cover for it, added some pillows and Wa-La!  (Or however you spell that.)

Berthel porch bed


4 thoughts on “My Porch Swing”

  1. Oh, my! Maybe I need to clear my deck and have one of these built for it! With a mosquito net, it could be perfect for a warm California night…

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