Garage is complete

 Summer of 2010 or so
Summer of 2010 or so
Kinda sad
Kinda sad

It has only taken 18 months to finish our latest project, the garage.  Well, I should re-state.  We really have been working on the garage for 4 years and we have yet to truly finish it, but it at least looks finished and I can be happy with it now.  The garage was in shambles, with a full attic and stacked shelves with all sorts of junk.  It was probably used to fix up cars and originally it had a wood burning stove in the back with a chimney.  Back in 2009, we took down the crumbly chimney and used the bricks to build a walk from the drive to the back door.  Bill did that as a surprise for me when I was on a work trip  in the spring of 2010.  Bill covered the chimney hole with extra shingles we found in the garage and we cleaned out the shelving in hopes we could fit two cars in our 1 1/2 width garage.

Last summer, we began scraping and priming the exterior, taking down the lights and removing the windows.  We didn’t get very far along in the process and the windows stayed open all winter.  But, we were able to pull both cars into the garage for the duration of the winter storms, even though the narrow door only allowed us to move one car at a time.

This summer, we widen-ed the door, put in a whole new door, new lights, new opener and re-glazed the old windows.  The garage looks decent and we can use it more easily for both cars.  However, the cinder block foundation could use some work in the long run and we will want to eventually clean out the garage attic.  Yes, there is a garage attic full of old stuff from long before our arrival.  If we do it right, we could put in a dormer and a floor and it would be a great playhouse for Will, especially when he starts bringing his buddies over.  But, that is for another summer.

Right now, I’m just pleased at how nice it cleaned up and how spacious it feels.

Much better!!
Much better!!

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