Guitar “Room”

notice the plaster and lathe under Bill’s paneling

I’m not sure that I would label this a “room”, but since it is Bill’s territory, we’ll let him keep the title.  After Bill finished off the mudroom a few years ago, we had this empty closet like space above those stairs with a beautiful oval window.  It is really bigger than a normal size closet and the window makes it that much more glamourous.

Bill wants to use the space to store and play his guitars and equipment.  (Which will take it out of our bedroom and guest room closets.)  But, he is doing such a glamourous job on the space, that I’ll want to live in it.  The room had loads of huge wall cracks and holes where it appears someone tried to wire it for electricity.  So, Bill took the opportunity to put in two lights and three outlets and cover the walls with wood and plaster.  It will look as though it is lined with cherry paneling when he is finished.  I apologize for the quality and perspective of these photos.  The stairwell (now closet) is long and narrow and it is difficult to capture it at a decent angle.

Original servant's stair well with large cracks
Original servant’s stair well with large cracks

My job is to paint a large British flag for him to hang in there.  We’ll see when I have time to do that.  😉  I’m still stenciling our bedroom and re-upholstering a living room chair, which is a first.  I’m also planning on sanding and staining our back porch this summer and repainting our double rocker and possibly our glider.  Bill has a few other things on the summer docket, too, including rebuilding our porch stairs — front and back.  We are also ready to lay stone down the front sidewalk as the original blue slate is terribly cracked.  It is matter of prioritizing time and money, like most house projects.

In the meantime, I repainted an old cheap bookcase to unload some of our last boxes of books and Bill put in electrical outlets on our front porch for a ceiling fan over my porch bed.  We are always doing something.  😉

Almost the same angle as above, with Bill's plaster, paint and wood paneling
Almost the same angle as above, with Bill’s plaster, paint and wood paneling

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