Porch Progress Part One

My back porch
My back porch

Bill and I have both been working on our porches this summer.  He has rebuilt and stained our front stairs, as well as started to jack up the front porch and repair some rotting wood.  Unfortunately in that process, we realized the need for some gutters along the front and more wood was rotten than we realized.  The front of our house gets very little sun, hence wet and mouldy patches of wood.  However, he built the stairs from cedar and finished them with a Sherwin Williams deck stain, which we don’t recommend.  We don’t know yet how it will hold up, but it dried extremely patchy and poorly.  (And we know paint.)

I don’t know what I’ll use on staining or finishing the back porch, but I can say that I am halfway finished stripping it.  I was hoping to be completely done at this point, but I have a small and rather busy young son.  So, we keep our weekends open when we can and shoot out for pumpkin purchases or trips to the park.

The back porch is rather small, but one of my favorite places.  We have a double rocker back there, and our yard is quiet and secluded.  I sit out there and watch Will swim in the summers or just dig in the sand.  Today he built a small house in our rock pile out there, and added all sorts of embellishments like duct tape and garden tools.  It looked like a rural ghetto.  But, I love that he is pretending.

I started by sanding the porch, and found that it is rather dusty.  A heat gun got me nowhere, so now I’m on to using a citrus based stripper and doing okay.  Going slowly, but thoroughly.   Once I’ve finished, I don’t know where I’ll start with color, but I’m thinking of painting the ceiling blue, as old homes used to explore to match the sunny skies.

Needs some work
Needs some work

Bill is on to other projects like gutting an organ and planning a stone wall, and a extra shower downstairs.  I’m lucky to have him, a man to work with and a great project partner.


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