The Patio

Bill worked outside on this huge project most of last summer.  It was late in the season when he finished the project and it isn’t quite complete yet, as we still would like cover with topsoil and plant thyme.

We gathered about 4 pallets of stones a few years back from across the street for a mere 60 bucks.  Yeah, we scored.  A pallet of stone can be a few hundred dollars, depending on the type, so we really were grateful for our purchase.  With those, we planned all of these glorious ideas on whether to make stone walls, walks or a patio.  I think we have enough to do our whole yard.

To start a project like this, Bill had to dig out the sod, lay crushed stone or pea stone and tamp it down.  Then he fitted the larger stone and set it all in with sand.  It really took him most of the summer, but I think he enjoyed the process and we have a beautiful patio.

This spring, we planted red thyme and a few other goodies around the border for erosion.  Bill also added a few steps to the yard, so that Will would not be tempted to step through my new plants.  We still need to place topsoil between the stones and plant a creeping thyme or sage for erosion and appearance.  There will certainly be a followup post with better pictures to come once that is all complete.


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