The Octagon Room

We haven’t really named this room anything as it has always just been “our bedroom”.  In the rest of the rooms upstairs, we’ve had to call them by some sort of name to identify the differences, especially because we weren’t using any of them for the first six months or so after we moved in.  The “green room” became storage for the longest time, until it was converted into a true guest bedroom last May.  The “blue room” became my studio for painting because I preferred its size to the other rooms.  The “pink room” was always destined to be our Master bedroom, but it took a long time to get to call it “our bedroom”.

However, the white room or the octagon room has really gone nameless as it was just the bedroom.  Now, it will become the nursery, but that name is a long way off from becoming a reality.

the White room

You can see how we have used it in the past.  We moved into this room because it was truly the cleanest bedroom when we bought the house.  Though the walls are terribly cracked and painted with a sanded finish, the floors are in relatively good shape and the room was just better than the other options.  There are also two small closets in this room on the corners, making it a full octagon.  The windows opposite the closets are also on “corners”.

It has been a comfortable quiet space to get used to sleeping in such a big house, and I will surely miss it.  However, we have plans to move it right along for the baby, so we’ll walk you through the process once more on another bedroom.

Bill is planning on putting up sheetrock on this ceiling.  It was never our intent to use any sheetrock in the house, but we have discovered the hard way that the plaster cracks way too easily, and “un-does” a newly finished room.  The dining room is a perfect example.  Bill has done the ceiling in there twice, but it is cracking again from the joists between the floors.  So, we’re going to put up sheetrock on the ceiling to keep our sanity.  That is the first priority on the empty room.  From there, we’ll go through the same process of repairing wall cracks, plastering walls, fixing windows, priming, painting, sanding the floor and finally refinishing the floor.

I also took a close look this weekend into the closets to see what they will need.  Each one is fully wallpapered and carpeted, which is weird considering they probably aren’t more than 3 square feet apiece.  But, I may be able to get a sample of original wallpaper out of one of them to show you.

We will post along the journey!