Halloween in rainy upstate NY

Will is okay wearing his costume, except for the flappy ears

Our town has 2 particularly interesting holidays, in which the town seems to double in size and people come out in droves.  Memorial Day is one, in which the Clinton Canoe Regatta ends in our town with festivities and a full fair in the park.  The other is Halloween, whereby we get close to 200 trick or treaters in 2 hours.  This year, we ran out of candy.

I think we probably have about 1200 people in our little village, so you can imagine how full our street is with that many people and kids out on doorsteps.  I’m not sure where they come from or where they all go, either, as I can only see 2 other homes with lights on our street.  However, I do know that we have enjoyed our 4th fall sitting on our porch in blankets and sweaters handing out candy.  Most kids have homemade costumes, and I love it.  I just want to give them handfuls of candy, but since a bag of 50 pieces costs $15.00 or so, you can do the math.  I suggested that we hand out prizes last year and Bill nixed the idea suggesting that anything less than candy was a torment to the children.  So, we attribute to local dental issues.

Our friends from Astoria, Kris and Esther!

This year, we were pleased to have Will understand what it means to give away candy.  He was greatly stressed when kids kept coming and going.  He wanted to play with everyone and even followed a few kids down the sidewalk.  So, we encouraged him to put boxes of lemonheads in people’s bags and he felt better.  His leftover costume from last year kept him a bit warmer, too.  We were thrilled to have company on Halloween.  Our Astoria friends, Kris and Esthercame up for a few days and were able to dole out candy with us and sip on hard cider.  How fun for us to have great visitors.  Thank you so much for coming Kris and Esther!

Heidi does not like her costume. If you cannot tell, she is a bat, wearing a t-shirt. 🙂