Always moving in

It does feel that way, like we’re always moving in.  I continually move some boxes of books from closet to closet and every once in a while, consolidate or unpack one.  When we find a new piece of furniture that we like and purchase, we then reorganize whatever room it will reside.

This week, I purchased a small dresser for $25 and loads of books, my shopping weakness.  I also found a roll top desk for Bill, which thanks to my parents visit . . . we purchased and moved into the library.  Thanks mom and dad.  It needs a little work as some of the laminate is peeling, but it is very clean and already usable.  Considerably better than the cheap drafting table we had in place for Bill.  I’ll get my own roll top soon once we refinish the oak one waiting in the basement.  However, it needs a whole season’s worth of overhaul first.  With the move of the new desk, Bill reorganized a few tidbits and I shelved books.

The small dresser I found will be repainted and used to store platters and table linens.  I might line it with cedar, too.  For the time being, it will be a hallway dresser with a little light, creating a nook out of the downstairs hall.  I’ll post photos when that project is complete.

Bill also rearranged the basement this week as it is pellet season and we bought four tons for winter heating.  That sounds like a lot, but it saves us thousands of dollars in oil which we would otherwise need.  The only downside to the pellet stove is the weekly cleaning and fan  noise it makes, which isn’t much considering its heat output.

This upcoming week, I’ll be painting in the studio and completing another Peter Rabbit piece for Will’s room.  Hopefully by Christmas, I can hang at least three of them, if not all four that I have planned.  Bill is working on the mud room right now; posts to come on that project.
No pics for this post, but more to come. . .