Back Porch!!

Much delayed sharing on this one. . due to life, work, etc., albeit. . .  I bring you our back porch project.  

Basically, the floor and rails, siding, ceiling were all painted when we purchased the house in 2009, but the floors haven’t worn well.

My back porch

In order to get going on this project, I started by painting the ceiling a pale blue.  Recently, I learned that ceilings are or were painted blue as a deterrent to prevent birds from nesting in the rafters.  I just thought it was a beautiful old tradition, so I chose a soft robin’s egg color and transformed our ceiling from a dead white.

Next, I sanded off the old paint layers. It took me 3 years to refinish the floor on this small area and now the stairs are peeling after just one season.  (I blame the harsh harsh weather and the fact that the stairs have absolutely no shelter.)

The wood on the stairs is new, but so is the primer and a high quality porch paint.  We had thought a stain would work, but the system we used on the front of the house was no good after one year, so I was hoping the paint would do better.  Since Bill and I both know paint pretty well, and have refinished loads of things, we really thought we nailed it.  I’m going to hunt around for something better to topcoat and I’ll be sanding the rough spots this late summer to repaint those stairs.

After sanding the floor, both Bill and I chipped away at the railings.  We finished that in only a day and began priming.  We have been partial to the XIM primers for exterior.  They look like an adhesive, but are thick and go on clear.  They bond to everything and hold on to the exterior house paint we are using.

Once the rails were primed, two coats of fresh exterior white applied, I primed and coated the floor.  I chose a slightly darker taupe color to hide the dirt more.  I will likely put on a fresh coat this season just to help the wear.  Our winter weather is quite harsh on exterior wood, and we want to do all we can to preserve these porches.

In the meantime, I have been enjoying the freshly painted floor, ceiling and rails of the back porch.  And, we moved my adorable, albeit rusty glider back here last fall.  I put up a few lights and a fan, and its my current favorite outdoor spot.  Makes it easy to watch Will in the pool and our backyard is lushly green and quite private for being such a small space with close neighbors.

This summer, we are facing into the front porch.  It has some rough damage due to lack of gutters, but it will be a doozy to redo on our own.  Plus, we have interior projects to finish and show you soon. 😉